Review: M.A.C. Copper Sparkle Pigment

I recently went into Mac to pick up a few products and wanted to purchase a copper eyeshadow for Spring/Summer. Nothing was really catching my eye until I came across the pigment display. I have tried a few pigments before and, while I don’t reach for them all that often, absolutely love them. I found a pigment called Copper Sparkle that looked beautiful and was just what I was looking for.

The biggest reason I don’t reach for my Mac pigments all that often is because they tend to be messy.  I have tipped them over and lost product I don’t know how many times.  I’m sure there is a solution to this but I haven’t found it yet.  But the color payoff is amazing and copper sparkle is no exception.

A little bit definitely goes a long way which is nice because pigments are $21 each.  This is more sparkly than the other pigments that I have and even Mac describes it as, “super frosty copper flecks.”  It is not as finely milled as other pigments.  But because this does have flecks in it, I think it somehow makes it even more vibrant and more colorful (if that makes sense).

I typically apply my pigments wet and I noticed applying copper sparkle that way makes it easier to work with and less chunky.  It helped to smooth the product out a lot.  I can see this working really well all year long.  It would look beautiful used for an evening out look, special occasions, christmas and new years and more.  Right now, I’m wearing just a little bit on the outer corner of my eye and blending it up a little bit, but I think in the summer this would be gorgeous all over the lid.

All in all, I really love this product.  Even though it is a little outside of my comfort zone, it is undeniably gorgeous and is so versatile.


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