Review: J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint in Mad Splatter

I will be honest.  I tend to be quite picky with just about everything (including lip products).  I gravitate toward lipstick and lipgloss only.  So when I received this product in an ipsy bag, I was a little disappointed.  Yes, I subscribe to Ipsy to expose myself to new products and brands.  But keeping an open mind is hard and actual change even harder.

I had set this aside with the intention of gifting it to someone else.  But the color kept drawing me in.  I am a sucker for any shade similar to this and I started to re-think things.

Let’s talk about the product details first before I go into my thoughts.


On the j cat beauty website it says this product is both long wearing and has intense pigmentation.

I agree with both of those descriptions.  This wears will on me throughout the day without flaking or uneven wear.  And it definitely has intense pigmentation!  I actually still have a little bit of a pink stain from where I swatched these earlier.


The only downside I noticed was separation of product in the tube.  It can become “oily” and less opaque.  I gently squeeze the tube, rub it between my palms and shake it around a little and that fixes the problem.

This product also contains peppermint oil which gives a nice tingle to the lips.


I usually apply this with my fingers as it’s easier for me to apply and get an even application this way.

These are incredibly affordable.  Give them a try!
J Cat Long Lasting Wonder Lip Paint Lip Gloss, WLP113




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