Review: Wet n Wild Come Correct Celebrity Concealer in Medium Golden

While browsing around my local drugstore, I stumbled upon some new Wet n Wild products. One that caught my eye was this Wet n Wild come correct celebrity concealer. That’s a really long name! It is part of the fergie line and looked interesting.

It was just under $4 for .34 fluid ounces of product.  I had already decided that this was not going to work out well for me.  Drugstore concealers do not have a good track record with me.  They have never been opaque enough or were too difficult to blend and looked like a cakey mess.

This is said to be a full coverage concealer that is buildable and will blend easily.  It is meant to conceal under eye circles, discoloration and blemishing without creasing or fading.

The formula is very very thick and I found it a little hard to spread between my fingers.  A little bit goes a LONG way with this so be careful! I squeezed the smallest amount onto my ring finger and rubbed the product with my other ring finger to help warm the product up a little.  This made it easier to blend into my skin than just applying with a brush.  I usually apply concealer to my under eye area only.Once I blended it into my skin I took a small, dampened brush and went over it again just to make sure it was smoothed out.  I imagine this would work even better on other areas of the face.  Because this is a thicker formula I made sure to really hydrate my undereye.  Those who prefer a thinner formula will not like this concealer.

The shade Medium Golden worked pretty well for me.  The next shade down was much too light for my complexion so this was my only choice.  It is the perfect shade for concealing my under eye darkness, but I tend to go for a lighter concealer to also brighten the area.  The downside is I only saw three shades available (fair, medium golden and medium beige) so this product will not work for everyone.

Medium golden is a medium (duh 🙂 ) yellow toned color.  Fair looked more cool toned and medium beige looked more pink toned.

This wore really well throughout the day.  It did crease a little into my fine lines, but really wasn’t that bad.  I always set my under eye area after applying concealer so I’m not sure how it would do without it.  Another negative I found was that it wasn’t as natural looking as my go to concealer.  It didn’t look bad, but I felt like I could still tell I had something there.  My other concealer just “melts” into my skin and looks amazing.

Final thoughts: This is very impressive for $5!  It covers well, doesn’t look greasy, dries quickly and is so affordable.  I would definitely purchase this again.


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  1. V says:

    Nice that it’s under $5, but it sounds like something I would skip. I’ll pay a few bucks extra to do less work


    1. It’s definitely not a bad product, but I only use it on days where I’m not rushed for time. 🙂


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