Review: Wet n Wild Fergie BB cream in Medium/Deep

I know the Wet n Wild Fergie BB cream isn’t brand new (even though the packaging still says it’s new).  I have actually never tried any of the Fergie products before.  While I was at my local drugstore I decided to pick up some of the products from the Fergie line and try them out.

I must admit, I have not loved many drugstore bb creams.  Actually, I haven’t loved many bb creams in general.  They tend to be more moisturizing which means my skin will end up looking oily and shiny.  They usually don’t wear well on me throughout the day and don’t have the coverage I like.  Yes, I know bb creams aren’t supposed to have amazing coverage.  But most bb creams I’ve tried act more like tinted moisturizers.

Anyways….back to the review.

This is an 8-in-1 beauty balm and contains 1 fluid ounce of product.  I picked mine up for a little less than $5.  There were five different shades available.

It claims to hydrate, brighten, even skin tone, minimize oil, conceal, enhance, prime and protect skin.

I think the packaging is cute.  It looks very sleek with it being black and silver.  I also like that you can clearly see the color.  That made it really easy for me to figure out my correct shade in the store.

The squeeze tube makes it easy to get the product out and the flat cap means I can stand this product up on my vanity.

I like that this does contain SPF.  It is only SPF 15 so I need to add additional sun protection because that is lower than I’d like it to be.  I didn’t notice any added fragrance or any strange scent, but I have heard others say their product smelled horribly.  There wasn’t any protective seal on this product and that may/may not have something to do with it.

The texture of the product is gel-like.  It blended into my skin very easily and looked quite natural.  I did notice that it remained tacky and didn’t absorb.  I don’t like adding powder over a product when it is like this, so I did blot a little before adding any powder.  I only added powder to my t-zone area.

I like to apply bb cream with my fingers.  I feel this gives me the most coverage and helps the product blend in more smoothly.  If needed, I’ll lightly go over my face with a brush just to smooth anything out.

Now on to the coverage.  This had very sheer coverage.  It reminded me of a tinted moisturizer (just with a gel like consistency).  It did not cover any blemishes, but did a great job at brightening my skin. It gave my skin a more glow-y appearance, but became satin-matte once I added powder.  It wore fairly well throughout the day, but did need a few touch ups and I needed to blot a few times (which is normal).

Here’s the thing:  my husband HATED this product on me.  He didn’t know what it was, but knew I was wearing something different and didn’t like the way it looked.  My husband said all of this very kindly so don’t worry.  But he knows I want him to be 100% honest with me and I value his opinion.  He said it made my look older than I am and that my face looked too shiny (even with additional powder).

So….that means this product is going back to the store.  I actually didn’t hate the product at all.  It wasn’t my favorite bb cream and I wouldn’t purchase it again, but it wasn’t the worst I’ve ever tried either.

You can pick it up here:WET N WILD Coverall Cream Foundation – Medium/Tan

or at your local drugstore.  Have you tried this product out?  I’d love to know your thoughts.


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