Review: Rimmel Matte BB Cream

It’s wednesday!  Hooray!

I recently was at the drugstore and spotted this Rimmel matte bb cream. I know this isn’t a super new product, but I was curious to see how it worked….so I picked it up!


I paid $5.99 for this.  Price will vary from store to store.

Available in three shades: light, light-medium and medium.


Rimmel Match Perfection BB Cream Matte with SPF 25 is skin perfecting super makeup with a matte finish that eliminates the need for foundation. It’s one easy step that replaces the 9-part regimen: primer, moisture, pore minimizer, concealer, covers, smoother, brightens, and protects.  Dermatologist tested.

This contains SPF 15.  This is an oil free formula that is said to give a natural matte finish.  It is a 9-1 formula that:

  1. Minimizes the appearance of pores
  2. Evens skin tone
  3. Mattifies
  4. Controls shine all day
  5. Smoothes
  6. Soothes
  7. Conceals dark circles
  8. Helps prevent blemishes
  9. Gives all day coverage


This was a thinner formula.  I actually prefer my bb creams to be a little thicker so this bothered me a little bit. I picked this up in the shade medium which has a pink undertone.  I have a more yellow undertone so I was a little nervous about this.  Once it was blended in, it didn’t look too bad.  I did set it with a more yellow powder though.

It gave me a light coverage and felt very lightweight on my skin.  It also went on very smoothly and blended effortlessly.  It gave me more of a natural finish which was nice.  It wasn’t a flat matte look.  I did notice that it took awhile to set into my skin.  The first time I wore this I didn’t use a primer and that was a mistake!  It settled into every fine on my face!  The second time I used this product, I remembered to put on a primer first and that made a big difference.  I do feel that the claims of this product are true.  It did even out my skin tone, mattify and smoothed things out.  It didn’t do as great of a job with controlling shine all day and concealing dark circles, but I didn’t really expect it to.

Lasting Power:

Of course, this wore better with a primer base.  Without primer I noticed some breakdown after 5 hours.  With primer I would say I got a few extra hours before breakdown.  My t-zone did seem to get more oily than usual and I found myself blotting around 4-5 times throughout the day.


This did irritate my skin unfortunately.  It wasn’t bad, but it did leave irritation bumps and a slight rash.

Overall Thoughts:

I’ve heard amazing things about this bb cream.  I just wasn’t a fan of it.  Everyone has different preferences and compared to my other bb creams this one just wasn’t my favorite.  You may like this more if you have normal or dry skin.  I could see this working really well for you.  If you have combination or oily skin I would highly recommend setting with a powder.

Have a beautiful and wonderful day!

xoxo Lizzie♥


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  1. Pity about the irritation 😦


    1. Oh I know. That’s definitely a down side of having such sensitive skin. But hopefully it works for other people! Thanks for your comment! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorry to hear! Takes some time to find products that really agree with your skin esp. if it’s sensitive.


      2. It does. Thankfully there are brands that work well for those with sensitive skin.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes thankfully 🙂 Which are your favourites?


      4. I love physicians formula, Clinique and tarte. I think tarte is my absolute favorite though.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Good to know! 🙂 never tried those. I’m not very adventurous with my skincare anymore. I tend to stick to what my dermatologist gave me (La Roche Posay) but I really like the ‘Yes to’ range.


      6. I’ve heard great things about yes to products. I haven’t tried much but I would love to. Do you have any recommendations or favorite products from the line?

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Yes they really are great! My favourite is definitely the face scrub (grapefruit). It’s so fresh and invigorating and makes me skin feel amazing 🙂


      8. I will have to try that! Thanks 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Such a wonder cream. Love your blog. If you fancy a read, check onto my blog too.


    1. Thank you 🙂 I will definitely take a look at your blog!

      Liked by 1 person

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