Review: Pixi by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Eye Shadow Duo in Apricot Glow

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I’m off to go spend some much needed time with my girlfriends! 

But first….a review!

Today I am doing a quick review on this Pixi eyeshadow duo I received in my March Ipsy bag.


This little duo was made exclusively for Ipsy.  It is part of the mesmerizing mineral eyeshadow palette in copper peach which retails for $12 at Target and online.


Give your eyes a shimmery summer glow with this Pixi by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Eye Duo in Apricot Glow made exclusively for ipsy. These ultra-smooth shadows blend effortlessly and can be used wet or dry, depending on your desired makeup look.



I love how the two shades are so complimentary to each other.  They are very buttery and smooth.  As you can see, the light shade is a shimmery highlight color and the darker shade is not as shimmery.  The lighter shade is very pigmented and a little goes a long way.  I really had to build up the darker shade so you could see it in the swatch.  I wish they had made this a little more pigmented because it is such a beautiful color.

I preferred applying the darker shade wet rather than dry.  This helped the color pop and I didn’t need to build the color up as much.

Lasting Power:

Again, the highlight shade is the winner.  This held up really well throughout the day (with a primer).  The darker shade didn’t hold up as well even though I wore a fantastic primer with it.  I also noticed the color creased which hasn’t happened to me in a really long time with my other shadows.

Did it cause a reaction:

Thankfully, my skin was fine with this product.  I didn’t experience any allergic reaction or irritation.

Overall Thoughts:

I love this product and think it’s perfect for the Spring and Summer.  The colors are gorgeous and go really well together.  Again, I just wish the darker color was more pigmented and held up better.  It’s not a deal breaker though.  I just have to touch up throughout the day or use my finger to re-blend the product.

This gets me really excited to try out other Pixi eye shadows!

Let me know if you’ve tried this out or any other Pixi products you would recommend!

xoxo Lizzie♥


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  1. I got the same one in an ipsy bag! It’s my favorite 😍

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    1. Have you seen the full size palette? The colors are so amazing! I have to get it!!

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