Review: Hey Honey Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum

Good morning beautiful!

I have another quick review for you today.

I received this product in my April Ipsy bag.  I will leave the the link for that post here in case you’d like to see it.  Ipsy Bag




All Skin Type
Use the Good Morning by itself, or under your day cream.
Excellent when used under makeup, providing a smooth and glossy appearance to your skin.

This light and luxurious serum replenishes and protects your skin so you are ready to take on the day.
Rich moisturizers and nutrients, smooth and improve tone for bright, radiant skin.


  • Softens and nourishes with Honey, Sea-buckthorn oil and premium moisturizers
  • Protects from free radical damage and moisture loss with Vitamins A & E
  • Rich Emollients



This is a little thicker but is not heavy.


This went on really smoothly.  It did take a bit of time for it to absorb into my skin.  You can either use this product by itself or under your regular day/night cream.  You can also use it under makeup which is said to give, “a smooth and glossy appearance to your skin.”

I tried this with makeup first.  As I said before, it took longer than my other skin care products to absorb.  My makeup went on smoothly though and it didn’t feel too heavy.

Breakouts/Allergic Reaction:

I didn’t experience any allergic reactions or breakouts from this product.


It has a sweet scent but not annoyingly so.  I thought this would smell really strongly of honey but it doesn’t.

Overall Thoughts:

When I used this product under my makeup, it looked okay for the first few hours.  Then I noticed my skin looked really really shiny.  It was shiny in places it normally isn’t.  I used this product the same way for the next two days and had the same outcome.  Once I stopped using the product in that way things went back to normal.

When I used this just as a night moisturizer everything was fine.  So I think it was just too heavy for my combination skin.  I really do like using it in the evening.  It moisturizes well and keeps my skin hydrated all night.

I probably won’t repurchase since it is a little pricier.

If you’ve tried this let me know your thoughts.  I’d love to hear how it worked for you!

Have a beautiful day!

xoxo Lizzie♥


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