Review: Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

Today’s review is on a product I received in my July Ipsy bag.  I will leave you a link here to that unbagging in case you missed it!  🙂

July Ipsy Bag

This brand is completely new to me.  I did also receive a Vasanti blush brush in my July Boxycharm (which I have been loving lately!)



Mine is just a sample size.


This powerful exfoliator mimics the results of professional microdermabrasion, minus the potential for redness and sensitivity. First, papaya enzymes break down dead cells while evening out your skin tone. Next, dermatologist-approved microderm crystals fade the appearance of fine lines and acne scars, leaving skin smooth and free of imperfections. Finally, aloe vera, coconut, and vitamins B and E nourish fresh skin to keep it free of irritation.

I’m always a little weary of what skin products I try out since my skin has a tendency to freak out on me.

I have pretty sensitive skin though.

This is an exfoliating cleanser that contains micro-crystals and also has Papaya and Aloe.

I love that this is paraben and sulfate free and is 99% natural.

The directions say to wet face and then massage all over in a circular motions.  You can use this 3-5 times a week and it is perfect for all skin types.

The exfoliating crystals are slightly rougher than some other exfoliators I’ve used, but it wasn’t painful or abrasive by any means.

And here’s the amazing thing:  Most exfoliators dry the heck out of my skin!  But the end of my shower I can hear my face begging for moisturizer.

This Vasanti exfoliator was totally different.  My skin not only felt clean, smooth and baby butt soft, but it didn’t strip the moisture out of my skin at all.

The only downside for me is the scent.  I really love for my skin care products to be unscented (again because of my sensitive skin).  This product has a perfume like scent to it, but thankfully isn’t too overpowering and quickly dissipates.

Now, if you have extremely sensitive skin, this may be a little too harsh for your skin.

All in all, I am really glad I was able to try this out.  Will I purchase a full size?  I’m not sure.  The price tag is a little steep for my liking (and that of my wallet).

Have you tried this out?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

Also, if you know of a good and affordable exfoliating cleanser, please let me know!  I would appreciate any suggestions/recommendations you have.

Until next time!!

Wishing you a beautiful and wonderful day!

xoxo Lizzie♥


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