I recently received a sample of Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua Fondation.

This is the first time I’ve ever tried a product from Chanel.

Sure….I’ve heard a ton of fantastic reviews and their products always seem to be so on point.

But, I was unsure if the quality matched the high price point.

So when I was offered a sample, I figured what could it hurt right?


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Available in 10 shades

My sample was in the shade 30 Beige


The tiniest drop of this hybrid fluid creates a fresh, natural complexion. Skin looks refined and feels refreshed, creating an exquisite makeup experience. The fluid formula has a soft, water-light texture, and comes in 10 shades that match perfectly to skin’s undertones, whether pink or beige. Dermatologist-tested. Non-comedogenic. Oil- free.

I have combination skin and prefer using products that are oil free.


This is a thinner formula.  It wasn’t overly water-y or thin which would have made it a little harder to work with.


I was instructed to blend the foundation together really well (to mix the product) before application.

Since my foundation was just a sample I took a small and clean brush and mixed the product together and then used that to apply the product to my face.

The first thing I noticed immediately was the scent.

It has a light floral scent.

You guys know I’m really sensitive to added fragrance so I wasn’t super thrilled about this.

This blended in really easily without any streaking.


I would say this gave me light to medium coverage.



Wear Time:

I was able to get around 7 hours of wear before I noticed any break down.  It was really minimal.

Overall Thoughts:

The shade I was matched to would be perfect for me in the winter, but was a little too light with my summer tan.  I was able to make it work by warming it up with some bronzer.

I love how comfortable this was to wear all day.  It felt extremely lightweight and I love that my skin didn’t feel tacky.

I also really liked the finish and coverage it gave. It made my skin still look like skin, but better. 

Don’t expect a full coverage, but it does conceal minor blemishes and evens out skin tone.

I also love that I was able to get almost a full day of wear with minimal breakdown and minimal shine and oil.

I’m not sure if I would purchase the full size product.  It’s a little pricey and I’m not a fan of the floral scent.  I may give it another go when the weather cools down a bit.

Anyone else hate wearing foundation in the blazing heat???

Have a beautiful and wonderful day!

xoxo Lizzie♥


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  1. Such a cool product and I love floral scent too.

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    1. Thanks! I’m debating purchasing the full size now!! 🙂

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      1. Of course, it is great product pick.

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  2. kerdishastlouis says:

    Great review

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