Temptu S/B Highlighter

Highlighting is still somewhat new for me.

For many years I was obsessed with matte matte matte.

I have combination skin and the thought of looking dewy or oily was the biggest dread!

There have been a few times where I looked like an oily beast and was mortified!

Once blotting sheets and powder were discovered the problem have been a little more under control!

All this to say, I avoided highlighters because I figured they would bring out that sheen that I was trying so desperately steer clear of.

Then one day I had my makeup done by the most amazing makeup artist.  My skin looked absolutely radiant!  When I asked her how she performed this amazing miracle she said it was all the work of the highlighter she used!

And thus…my fear of using highlighters was ended!

Today’s review is on a Temptu highlighter I received in last month’s Ipsy bag.



Available in 8 different colors.

My sample is in the shade “Champagne Shimmer”.


S/B Highlighter brings radiance to the complexion. With just 2-4 drops, this advanced formula adds shimmer to highlight and emphasize eyes, cheeks and other features. Apply alone or mix with S/B Foundation for a luminous effect.

  • Silicone-based formula
  • Adds radiance and luminosity
  • Oil free, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic

At first I was a little upset because I assumed that I would need the Temptu Air (which is an airbrushing machine) to use this product.

 But you really don’t need it at all.  You can squeeze out a few drops and apply with your fingertips, a brush or even a sponge.

This product is pretty versatile.

  • You can use it on its own as a highlighter
  • You can mix it in with your foundation, body lotion, moisturizer or primer to create luminosity
  • It can be used on eyelids or lips

When you first squeeze the product onto your skin it looks a little scary!

 But it sheers out to a beautiful and more subtle shade.  A little bit definitely goes a LONG way!

This does have shimmer so I would avoid using it around areas that you don’t want emphasized!  It will bring out your fine lines and pores if you’re not careful!

But overall, I really like it.

The sample I received is in the shade “champagne shimmer”.

I usually prefer using warm toned highlighters that have more of a golden finish to them.

This is definitely a bit different than what I’m used to, but I do like it.

This sample is 1/4 the size of a full product and I know the sample will last me a long time.  So even though $27 seems like a lot, you are definitely getting a lot for your money!

Have a beautiful and wonderful day!

xoxo Lizzie♥


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  1. I love the shade of that highlighter

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    1. I do too! It’s different than what I usually wear!

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