Trestique Matte Color Pencil

Has anyone had one of those days where everything seems to be going wrong?

Your car is making a weird noise, your dog had an “accident” again, your significant other is driving you crazy, your makeup is a hot mess…..

Yup….I am currently having one of “those days”.


One upside?  I am loving this Trestique lip pencil!!!

 I received this in a past Ipsy bag and I’m obsessed.


The color is this beautiful brown based nude and is right up my alley!

This pencil is extremely creamy yet lightweight and gives off a beautiful natural matte finish.

This is just a sample of the full size product.


The full size comes with a BB Lip Balm that you can layer underneath the lip color as a moisturizing primer or over the color to add shine.

Now…this is a pretty pricy product ringing in at $28 (YIKES!).


But I’m sure many of you know the difficulty in finding a great matte lip product that:

  • isn’t drying
  • doesn’t accentuate lines
  • doesn’t fade unevenly
  • is long wearing
  • is comfortable on your lips


The fact that this lip pencil is all those things and also includes a built in balm makes me tempted to pick up the full size.


What do you guys think?


Wishing you a beautiful and wonderful day!!


xoxo Lizzie♥



13 Comments Add yours

  1. Alex says:

    If you liked this, I sugggest the shadow sticks from this brand, I love them. It’s the same looking packaging and they fit perfectly in the crease of the lid!

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    1. I’ve actually been meaning to purchase a full sized shadow stick! I received a sample of the shade Venetian gold from ipsy and absolutely fell in love! It is so easy to use! Do you have any other shade recommendations?

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      1. Alex says:

        I have Kona Coffee (dark brown) and I love it. It’s a great crease color and it’s not shimmery so it can accent colors really well. I also use it on the bottom lash line for balance, even with other shadows.

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      2. Wow! That’s sounds fantastic! Thanks for the awesome recommendation Alex!!

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  2. Lip pencil with lip balm is certainly awesome.

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    1. I’ve never seen anything like it!

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  3. hippylip says:

    I loved Trestique’s lip pencils too. I received a few samples and when I looked into purchasing the full-size and saw the price….wow. I’m not so sure it’s worth $28, especially for those (like me) that won’t use the gloss end of the pencil. Thanks for the detailed review.

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    1. It is REALLY expensive!! I wish it was more affordable because I would purchase a bunch of colors. At least we got to try the sample sizes! How was your Christmas and New Years? Did you have a good time?

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      1. hippylip says:

        I would too!! Loved the eyeshadow samples too. I had an amazing Christmas and New Years I just chilled with my family and it was nice, thanks!! How about you? How was your holidays?

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      2. Christmas was spent with my family and closest friends. We went out and did a lot of Christmas activities! New Years was spent at home! I really don’t like going out on New Year’s Eve due to the craziness that can go on.

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  4. Hey I nominated you for the liebster award! Check it out here

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    1. Thank you so much!!! I will check it out!

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