Derma e Firming DMAE Eye Lift Cream

Happy 2016 everyone!
I know this is going to be a great year! I didn’t make any specific New Years resolutions but I do have some goals and little things I want to change and make/do better.
One of these goals is to really treat my skin better. I am a definite makeup junkie and have always brushed away skin care. I guess it isn’t until you start getting older that you realize how important your skin is and how much you need to take care of it.

About a year ago I discovered a brand called derma e. It was a brand I really hadn’t heard anything about and didn’t think much of it….until I tried their Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Face Scrub.

I was blown away by how well my skin responded to it! It wasn’t abrasive and it actually make my skin look better!

Since then I’ve tried out a few other products and I really don’t have anything bad to say about them.

Derma e uses natural ingredients in their products and is also cruelty free!

My biggest need with makeup and skin care is to be able to purchase them locally without the need to pay hefty shipping prices. I turn to stores like Walgreens, Rite Aid and Target for all of my supplies.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I found out derma e is now being carried and sold at Target!!!

For anyone who has ever shopped at Target, you know they pretty much carry anything and everything you could ever need. It’s really hard to walk into Target without purchasing anything…let alone leaving with only the items you went in their for.

The fact that Target now carries derma e products makes it even easier for me to fulfill my New Years goal and buy better products for my skin.

I recently tried out derma e’s firming DMAE eye lift cream.

 I have a few fine lines and crow’s feet around my eyes that I can get a little self conscious about.

I have never found a product that has helped with these areas.

 This product claims to visibly lift, firm and tighten the delicate eye area while smoothing crow’s feet.

It is also 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, lanolin-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free.

I’ve been applying this twice a day (once in the morning and once at night).  I really love that this has a cooling feeling to it which is perfect to help perk me up in the early hours of the day and is also great at relaxing my eyes and skin when I’m ready to go to bed.

 I absolutely love the consistency! It isn’t too thick or heavy and absorbs quickly into my skin. Because of that I can actually wear it under makeup without any problems!


Now…my fine lines are still there…but the skin around my eyes does look firmer and definitely more hydrated and plump.

This is the first eye cream I’ve tried that has actually made a difference!

And I’m not the only one who has noticed! My husband has thrown multiple compliments my way and my friends noticed almost instantly that something was different. When I told them what I was using and that it was available at Target they were blown away! I know for a fact they all headed to the store to pick it up!

I would imagine a product like this would have a high price tag but guess what?

It retails for only $24.95!

How incredible is that? I can use a product that is actually good for my skin that doesn’t break the bank.

Plus, it works way better than any expensive brand I’ve tried.

Now you and I  really don’t have an excuse to not take care of our skin!

When I went into target yesterday I saw that they were also carrying the derma e:

  • Firming DMAE Moisturizer ($19.99)
  • Anti-Wrinkle Cream ($11.99)
  • Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser ($10.99)
  • Anti-Wrinkle Scrub ($10.99)
  • Hydrating Facial Wipes ($6.99)
  • Hydrating Eye Cream ($16.99)
  • Hydrating Day Cream ($23.99)
  • Hydrating Night Cream ($25.99)
  • Microdermabrasion Exfoliant Scrub ($29.49)


So go ahead and add some products to your Target shopping list!

Join me and #noticethelotus-that is derma-e-now available at Target!


Check out this amazing product!  derma e firming eye cream


What are you thoughts on this product?  Let me know down below!


Wishing you a beautiful and wonderful day!


xoxo Lizzie♥


Disclosure: The product featured in this post was made available for this review.  As always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.  I was not compensated otherwise.  For more information, check out my disclaimer post.


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  1. A great start to get into a perfect skincare routine

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