Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Shadow Primer

Eyeshadow primer is not something I use on a daily basis.  But, a good primer makes a world of difference!

It can make your products go on smoother, makes them more vibrant, and can help prevent creasing and fading.


I was so excited to receive this sample of Elizabeth Mott’s eye shadow primer in my December Ipsy bag!








A lightweight and waterproof formula that locks in your eye makeup and prevents shadow creasing.

This silky blend dries transparent and preps your lids for a smooth and even application.

Watch your favorite eye shadows intensely come to life.

More importantly, it protects your eye makeup all day.


This is already sounding like the perfect primer!


 Right off that bat, I agree with EVERYTHING in the description!


This was extremely lightweight and dried transparent which is perfect for me.


I know others prefer a primer that has more coverage to cover discoloration or veins, but for those who prefer a clear primer, this one is great!


 You really need the smallest amount of product so this primer will last you a long time!


A lot of primers I have tried maintain a sticky/tacky finish that I cannot stand!


This one dries down really smoothly and becomes the perfect base for shadows.


I definitely saw my shadows going on smoothly and more vibrantly and they were lasting ALL DAY with absolutely no creasing or fading!


This product is a definite win for me!  I love it!




Wishing you all a beautiful and wonderful day!


xoxo Lizzie♥



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  1. I always love a good quality eye shadow base and this product seems to be quite promising.


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